13 de fev de 2009


Cheers, good people!

I'm awfully sorry about the other posts, but this one is for you, english speakers, readers, and writers!

I welcome you in this little piece of my life and offer you some traveling tips like coming to BRASIL!!!! It would be a pleasure to host you around São Paulo, my home town. I must say there's a lot to see around here! Or it could be to South America! Your choice, but be quick or be.....late!

The name of the blog is "Travel that it helps you", and I also wrote a book with traveling tips for "fresh-backpackers" named "It's My foot that takes me around the world."

It's like an anthropological study, and there are tips about how to deal with a language you don't speak, how to pack, what to pack, how to save money, how many places you should visit on a 30 days trip. It's everything about traveling on your vacations from work, school, university. The thing is brazilians don't have the habit(courage) of traveling beyond brazilian borderlines. Most of us. Brazilians think it's too expensive, but it's not! The solution I came up with was BACKPACKING! And this is something practically unknown in this country.

When you say you are a backpacker (mochileiro) here, in this country, first, people pretend they know what you are talking about, then they decide to try some explanations. Then they realize they don't have the foggiest and start asking about it! It's fun because every single person gets really amazed by the way we travel.

Here, people travel abroad mostly with travel agencies, when they have the comfort of buses, hotels with breakfast included, pre-paid tours, and guides that explain everything to them and interact with foreigners for them. There is nothing to blame there. We must do things the way we feel like, or the way we $can$. But...there are so many things we miss when we travel with all this protection. We miss the magma! Everything gets too shallow. But you would not know! Not if you don't try backpacking or traveling by yourself just once. Then we can talk!

For you, my good overseas friend, there's a very nice page with some beauties from all over the world, places traveled by some brazilians for your pleasure!

Take care, come here, and enjoy the world!
There will be more! I'm just organizing an imaginary backpacking trip to FRANCE to show people how to make it happen!

Remeber always: Will there be tomorrow? Move your spirit then, while it's still in your body!
The world is still WONDERFUL!

V for Verônica
Citizen of the world
Pic: Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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