22 de out de 2010

This one goes out to “backpackers to be” - Pleasentville

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I was watching “PLEASENTVILLE" the other day and, all of a sudden, something came to my mind again: IGNORANCE is so comforting. It is so not to do what will change your routine, what will make you think more, have ideas, realize you are not happy....

I'm the happiest person in the world! I live in a great country, i have a great family, great friends, my computer, my car, my cable, my games, my Ipod, my pool, my dog, my clean laundry, my junk food, my club to party, my mountain, my money, my girl or boyfriend...."

Oh, boy! You own a lot, huh? So many things to worry about...
Yeah! We usually worry about things we own. So, let me just put it clean to you:

You own nothing! And “be something” is just a “state”, not a permanent thing.

Nothing is forever and answering to my beloved Freddie's song, I'd love to live forever, but I won't. We won't, dear.

I'd say that live longer and be happy depends on our “bamboo flexibility”. How much can you bend until you break? Are you an oak or a bamboo? The steadier you think you are, bigger the damage. I'm talking about psychological matters. The younger you try different things, sooner you'll realize the importance of flexibility, indifference towards some possessions, and that we really need less than we think we do.

Backpacking teaches a lot. It is a traveling style where you put in your bag the essential for the living, let's say, for a couple of months away from home.

Of course there are no rules to backpack, but, BUT, if you follow some steps you'll experience things other travellers will probably never go through. Good AND Bad. You'll agree with me when I say that all experiences improve the spirit, right? Well, let's read our “rules”:
1 – Try to travel alone for once – Then you'll see you are never alone
2 – Try to travel to a country other than the one you live in – This way you'll get along with other cultures and realize things you thought were weird or normal have another meaning elsewhere
3 – Try to get to know a lot about the place you'll visit before you get there – It's like a literature course where the teacher asks you about that book he gave you to read before his class and wants to discuss it with you. The thing is the teacher this time will be yourself, and the slides will be the world. Of course you'll also meet a bunch of teachers and students around to discuss that world with you.
4 – Try to camp or stay in hostels – Then you'll meet people from all over the world, learn some words in english, french, russian, german, portuguese, spanish, polish,indian, arabic, greec....you choose. You also, certainly, will be invited to join groups, go to wherever someone is going and invite people to go out with you. You'll learn that nothing is forever and that the sneakers that are smelling in the room today, will be far far away tomorrow. You'll be happy about the smell, but maybe, sorry about the owner who was that great guy, or sexy girl that left with it.
5 – Spend as much as you can in things that have a true meaning for your life like museums, good experiences, one or two parties, an exoctic food, a great ride, things like that. If you start shopping all the time you'll spend your time in futile things when you should have been learning about life; yours and other's. Remember that your backpack will get heavier as the time passes and you should empty it, not fill it with new clothes and stuff you could buy at home or on the net. Use money wisely. Bacpacking can teach you a lot about it. Mostly when you don't travel with loads of it.
6 –
Talk to people on the streets. Try some words in other language – then you'll see people like to help and are proud of having people visiting the country they live in.
7 – Remember: this is a temporary liberty in the routine life we live. Enjoy it. If you have a problem on the way, don't suffer(a lot); solve it. Then you'll see how you can actually think straight.
8 –
When you get back home you'll feel the improvement. Maybe move, change your habits, respect more the differences, be a better person, be a professional backpacker - hahaha
9 – Try to understand that meeting, learning, getting to know is what really mattersLife is too short to be waisted with your headphone, your PERSONAL Computer, your pool, your life.
Join life in the world cause you are part of the energy of the world.
10 - The problems you have at home are nothing compared to your life experience after backpacking. Everything you saw, you learned, you had been through, will make you stronger and wiser. Many things don't have the importance we give to them. Life can be softer.
11 - Travel light - no beauty products, 3 pair of high heel shoes, 5 dresses, 3 changes of jeans. Learn to wash the little you bring, huh!
And come to Brazil, of course. Say “hello” to me in Louvercity!
Cheers and watch the TRAVELBUG Video which express perfectly the spirit of
BACKPACKING around the world.
Take care, you guys!

"What is outside of Pleasentville?"
"There are some places where the road keeps going."
"Keeps going?"
"Yeah! All keeps going, like roads and rivers and...."

Keep on going, guys.
Keep on going.

V for Verônica

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