24 de set de 2011

For you travelers from abroad - vote for me for a job - STUDENT TRAVEL BUREAU

Ranyta, I told you I would write one in english so you all from other lands could give a hand on helping me get this job. I'm a little bit tense for some reasons as I have a great love with me and he's backing me up but his heart is acking. Mine too, you see, but traveling is something that I do so well in my own way... And I know I touch hearts and make people dare to go abroad, sometimes risking their "reputation to themselves". People feel like their not able of doing a trip, or dealing with the unexpected. When they travel and something happens they realize that their thought turn rational and they use parts of their brains they usually dind's activate, because they're always in a "safe state". Well, let's see what this job could give me and what i can offer to all those travellers to be. You guys can visit my page. ther are posts in english there and I welcome traveler to Brazil and give them some tips about brazilian culture. The way we are and the way you should be during your stay. Hope you enjoy and give a click in my BLUE HEART. Did you see my Maverick on the picture? The car? and my poor boots tha take my feet around the world? I guess that's something for you to get to know a little about me, guys! Take care, vote, and maybe I'll meet you somewhere arond this world that is, still, wonderfull!

this is the link - http://www.embaixadorstb.com.br/discover/notas.php?id=6011

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